Look, I’m a fan of her music and her general Gaga-ness and I’ve seen enough of her crazy costumes but that doesn’t mean I’ve catalogued them by date and can tell you the frequency of use like some know-it-all superfan who will likely email me before this post is over to provide the answer. That’s not really my point anyway. I’m coming to my point. But first, this is Lady Gaga in London today heading to Bikram yoga. She’s a Bikram yoga freak. Wherever she goes, however far she travels, she always has to hit up a Bikram class.

Of course, because she’s Gaga, this is what she wore on her way IN to Bikram class. And she’s now been photographed in it. So aside from wearing it today, on the way OUT of Bikram class, the outfit gets filed under “used”, surely not to be seen again at least for several months, if not years, maybe forever. Which is probably why it’s not exactly one of her most memorable but it’s not like this is sweat pants and a hoodie either. And please don’t ask me if she’s pregnant. We are allowed to wear non form fitting clothes without being accused of that.

Back to the recycling though, or lack thereof, this would hurt me very much if I had the access to the pieces she does. Because there are some things you’re really into and fit so well it’s f-cked up not to be able to wear them again. This is a matter of timely importance to me because it just happened yesterday.

Have you ever met an outfit you love so much you want to wear it every day?

I wore this on the etalk yesterday and, literally, it’s only 90 minutes. It’s only 90 minutes of shooting for 5 minutes of tv and that’s it, that’s all the time it gets. I am shallow so this made me sad. Because I am really into mixing prints right now and this sweater and the studded shoulders gave me so much happiness. But then I found out today that I’m shooting something that won’t air til December. Guess what I’m wearing? It’s a full on repeat. And it doesn’t matter. Because I am not Gaga. I suppose this is our style advantage over celebrities?

PS. The skirt is Club Monaco ($99), the sweater is Armani Exchange ($88).

Photos from Bauergriffinonline.com