When Lainey and I write in the same room, it's long periods of silence or typing broken by intermittent screeches. We yell about whatever has gotten us excited, and then we go back to work.

So a few minutes ago a picture of Julia Roberts got me thinking...sighing, almost.  I hoped she would be at the Oscars even though I know it's not bloody likely.   Then I walked down memory lane. She was nominated for an Oscar for Steel Magnolias, people. Right away, her talent was evident. She is a movie star.  I miss her. I wished Mystic Pizza was on cable at 7 AM.

Then I started yelling about the people who don't think she's a good actress. She got tons of acclaim!  Many awards!  Not all of acting is just being breathy and biting your lip!  People confuse "being a good actress" with "being the emotional and physical personification of 'vulnerable'" and it pisses me off.


Which is about when I realized I am rooting against Michelle Williams.

I am blasphemous. I know. I am going to be ejected from several demographics who don't want to claim me, including "women-her-age-ish-who-love-her-from-Dawson's". But she just doesn't make me feel what I want to feel.

I know she was good as Marilyn. I'm aware of this. But from the character to the experience, it's all just SO larger than life. She's making it out like it's the excitement equivalent of her cousin's second baby shower.

You know what it is, at least partly? Look at her out last night, in a day-ish dress like the other day-ish dresses she's been wearing. Where's the glamour?   Where's the sparkle? I feel like she wants me to believe she is a movie star by accident. Like it's something she happens to do to fill the time between daycare runs.

I HATE this. Why is it considered uncool to show your effort? Why is it less desirable to point out that you like what you are doing and worked hard on it and are therefore proud to be recognized and it is therefore exciting, like maybe she could go ahead and smile with teeth, it's a special occasion.

I am clearly working myself into a fever pitch here but my point is I bet I'm not alone. Everyone knows Michelle Williams is a great actress, in the truest sense of the word. But that's not what the Oscars are FOR. They are awarded to stars, who make you feel something and think about them and a little bit make you not forget who they are behind the character.   

Williams is most focused on telling me how not a star she really is, and I think it was her fatal mistake. And I think Julia would agree with me.

(Lainey: Duana raged about this for a good 15 minutes this morning. Also, if I may offer my own position here on Julia Roberts - she is a good actress in a certain range. Is that fair?)