I believe I said on the Tony Awards live-blog that NPH was not truly going to be appreciated for being the renaissance man that he is until he turned 40, with peak appreciation for his awesome, awesome stardom coming when he’s 50.

I should start making psychic predictions. 

NPH turned 40 on June 15th. Very shortly after, it was announced that he will star on Broadway in Hedwig and the Angry Inch.

Just soak that in for a second. If you don’t know Hedwig, I implore you to go find it right now. As it is, I’m beating myself over the head for never having seen it onstage – only the movie version (remember Michael Pitt?). 

The Broadway show, though, is a one-man deal. John Cameron Mitchell wrote it and performed it himself,  so it goes without saying that it’s iconic and that he knows best who Hedwig is and should be. Mitchell says he’s passing Hedwig’s wig to “the finest entertainer of his generation”. Somewhere, Justin Timberlake doesn’t know why he just bristled a little.

This is awesome. It’s going to be awesome. And while I need to get my ass to New York and sleep on Dean’s floor and annoy him by singing the songs all night, I also get to bask in the gloat of being right. Neil Patrick Harris is on his way WAY up.

Attached – NPH promoting The Smurfs movie.