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Lainey Posted by Lainey at April 17, 2012 20:34:24 April 17, 2012 20:34:24

Sarah from Cinesnark is all about the Loki love. I like Loki as a character, a lot, and he is a great character (with amazing costumes) in The Avengers, but it’s not like I want to walk around holding hands with Loki or anything. Tom Hiddleston on the other hand...

I had no idea.

My friend Teri who works for HBO Canada and Family Channel has interviewed him several times before. When we were on the junket in LA this weekend she warned me but I was too focused on RDJ to pay attention. Which is why I walked into Tom Hiddleston’s room for our interview like it was just an interview. And there he was, all hot and slouchy in a director’s chair in great fitting black pants with a great fitting t-shirt and a great fitting leather jacket, ginger blonde with warm healthy skin, all lanky and limbs and elegant and comfortable and there’s that English accent and, well, I don’t actually remember anymore what we talked about except that he’s pretty passionate about Loki and his pain and cares a lot about his work and tends to give really elaborate answers. Oh and a firm handshake. When Teri asked me what I thought of him afterwards, the first thing I mentioned was the handshake and then, “he doesn’t have shifty eyes” to which she replied, “intense stare, right”, and yes, that’s exactly right: he speaks to you as if he’s saying something he’s never said before which might be why I was incapable of retaining it.

The Hiddleston you see in pictures will never compare to what he is in person. In pictures I don’t get it either; in person it’s CRAZY. Also, I mean I’ve seen Thor, I know, in theory, but looking, just how tall he is but you don’t, like, appreciate it cognitively until it’s right there in front of you and his legs are stretched out almost touching yours in a wide space.  

I mean, compared to Tom Hiddleston, Michael Fassbender shouldn’t even be a conversation anymore is what I’m saying. Anyway, my interviews with all The Avengers air on etalk through this week and next leading up to the release.


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