What did you think of the season premiere on Sunday?

Terrible, right? Even the sex was terrible.

And I know I’m not the only person shouting WHO CARES ABOUT ARLENE AND TERRY??? Did they give her a big contract after the first season? Is this about getting their money’s worth? Because goddamn that storyline is hurting. With all due respect to the actors, and I’m sure they’re lovely people, and talented in other opportunities, their characters should be confined to waiting tables and cooking omelettes, the end.

The show is a mess with all these supporting players. Is there not enough story to tell? Because I’d be perfectly happy if every episode was devoted to the Vampire Authority and vampire culture. Having now watched the first four episodes, I can tell you that episode 4 of this season is the strongest, thanks to Eric and Pam whose relationship and history is explained. The bond between a Maker and his Child is one of the most interesting and moving plotlines this season; it’s the reason I’m still watching and it provides, BY FAR, the best scenes so far, not only from Eric and Pam but also from Bill and Jessica, and, as you know now, Pam and Tara. Here’s where the supernatural can be relatable: because the power of a family connection is universal, no matter the premise of your narrative. I just wish they had more confidence in this theme as a foundation to build on and around instead of dicking around with sh-t that takes away from the brilliance of its core.

Vampires are the core of True Blood. Vampires are what they do best. Vampire behaviour, vampire politics, vampire longing, vampire legacies, and old vampires brought back to life -- this is the half hour that is not only watchable but addictive. The problem is everything else. And the question is whether or not the everything else is starting to drown the heart.

I was fortunate to be able to burn through the first four episodes back to back on screeners without breaks. I’m not sure I could have stayed with it had I had to wait a week between each one. As I just mentioned, the 4th episode delivers the best payoff. But that’s a month into the viewing schedule where you have to sit through more of f-cking Arlene and whatever it is she happens to be moaning about now. If True Blood is your show, it is demanding and testing your patience.

Attached - Alexander Skarsgard arriving at LAX last night.