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Dear Gossips,

There were nights when the wind was so cold…

When Celine Dion tells me that the wind is so cold, I believe that she believes that the wind has never been colder. Because Celine is the gatekeeper of all feelings. The feeling I want to share with you today is straight up, pure organic euphoria. This is what you will feel when you read My Magical Night in Vegas with Celine Dion, written by someone who truly, truly adores Celine Dion and truly, truly understands what it means to adore Celine Dion.

In adoring Celine Dion, you know that no one can sing emotion like Celine sings emotion...even though, some emotions?, she probably isn’t actually personally familiar with. Like the part in It’s All Coming Back To Me when she tells us that there were nights of endless pleasure.

Although the writer of My Magical Night in Vegas with Celine Dion isn’t a fan of It’s All Coming Back To Me, where Celine is concerned, it’s often the performance of the song that makes the song. It’s how her body becomes the song:

“I was not prepared for the muscularity of Celine’s performance, an effective if odd hybrid of classroom-taught ballroom dancing and Sammy Sosa.”

Sammy Sosa!

At this point in the piece, I was screaming. And I still haven’t recovered. I’ve been making Celine Dion lipsync videos all day. Here’s Celine in Paris this week.

Yours in gossip,


Wenn, FameFlynet

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