We talked about this a lot just now on the liveblog – the poster for the One Day movie has just been released. For those of you who loved the book…


I say yes.

I say a thousand times yes!

To me it captures so many things about the story – the time, the years, the connection, the urgency…and a little pain. In other words, it’s perfect. And, like movie trailers, it’s an art that is underappreciated: the art of the movie poster. You can’t just slap some sh-t together and expect people to respond. Let us know you care about it. Let us know there’s something behind it. Let us know you are passionate about them too. Anything but a Kate Hudson production.

As someone who read the book, I feel assured that they thought about it enough to give us a moment here that would speak to those who know the story. I appreciate that.

One Day hits theatres on July 8th. Seems like they expect it to be the summer love alternative. You don’t want to see Transformers? You want some romance? It’s actually a sign that they’re confident One Day is it.

Is it July 8th yet?

“For in a minute there are many days.”

…just because it’s Emma and Dex, and I was probably too un-corny on Valentine’s Day.