Today is October 19.

So we’re exactly a month away.

In exactly a month Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 hits theatres. Finally. And not in 3-D. Well good. I don’t give a sh-t that it’s not in 3-D. It’s never been about the D or the E or the F or any of that sh-t for me anyway. It’s always been about the story. And if the story is told true to its source, who the f-ck cares if it’s 3-D or no D?

Their only hope is each other.

See? HP has always been more than just the “D”.

Have a look at the new 30 second ads below. Please. I’ll take the movie in whatever form you give it to me. And I will be thrilled.

Nowhere to hide
No one to trust........
Except each other

OMG. How can you stand another month?

Also... watch when George catches them kissing. LOVE.

See below, each offers a glimpse of something different.

November 19!