The moment you’ve been waiting for…

Hello Magazine purchased the European rights to the Pitt Family photos and, of course, as you know, People Magazine secured the exclusives in North America. Note the People cover – what’s the common denominator?

The parents, the Twin Wonders, and the Chosen One too!

As for the other three?

Totally irrelevant.

Word is they’ll be donating the $14 million. Which is wonderful, yes, yes. But… do you get tax benefits from that? This is why – again the broken record – MATCHING FUNDs might be a way to placate some of the skeptics. Just sayin’…

PS. They DENY using in vitro to create the double deities, insisting that if they had indeed, they would have no problem sharing it with the world.

PPS. and the pics themselves? The inside shots featuring the entire family? It's a gorgeous album. Brad looks hotter than he has in years. And Angelina? Barely made up, messy hair, and totally natural. Unlike all the others who've been airbrushed tosh*t...she looks perfect without even trying. Click here to see.