The Mighty looked great. She was the host, of course, and she chose Oscar de la Renta, and for her, he was perfect. A dress that apparently took 4 people over 250 hours to finish, and it really did fit her beautifully, so flattering, and the construction is magnificent and you can tell she felt magnificent and the styling, the hair, the makeup... if I were her I’d plaster my house with portraits from this night. It’s my favourite Opesie of all time.

On the opposite of midnight blue: boring Abbie Cornish. I have actively tried to get Abbie Cornish. Bright Star was a good movie and afterwards I willed myself so hard to become obsessed with her. But, meh, the caring wouldn’t come. Part of it has to do with her face. If I close my eyes I can’t remember her face. I can barely remember her face 5 seconds after looking at a photo. Totally unremarkable.

So here’s Abbie in Louis Vuitton – hate it – with perhaps the most amateur hair of the night. Like a child who’s been taken to the salon to have her hair curled for the first time to go to a birthday party or a wedding. This is what we saw in church the other day at Veronica’s first communion. But at the Met Gala? Really? Abbie Cornish is a hard sell.


Photos from and Stephen Lovekin/Larry Busacca/