The Church of Oprah is attacking puppy mills tomorrow on the show – something we can all agree on, even if we don’t worship the Mighty Opes. Oprah lost her dog Sophie recently…

Can’t even think about that.

Now she’s dedicating an entire show to Sophie by exposing the deplorable practices of puppy mills in the hopes of saving dogs and preventing more of them from lives of suffering and disease. Full on crying now. For real.

Maybe she should invite Jessica Biel onto her show and ask her how her dog’s life ended so abruptly. Or better… Paris Hilton, who continues to support puppy mills by collecting a dog every week, only to neglect it after 2 hours. How is this humane???

Continuing on the dog theme, here’s Adam Brody walking his. Adam is supposedly now dating Teresa Palmer who was originally cast in the role that Rachel Bilson ended up taking over in Jumper. Rachel is dating Hayden Christensen and Hayden is rumoured to have had a brief hook up with Teresa before she was let go.

Rachel was seen at the Superstore in Newmarket a few days ago – sweet as pie except maybe not the quickest. She asked the cashier where to find “the food”. Superstore is a grocery store. Perhaps she was looking for the deli?


Beginning and ending on dogs – had a proud moment last week when we went for a walk in the rain at the beach where three homeless men had set up a makeshift tent with some tarp. My dog was the one that raided their shelter and ate the half sandwich they’d been saving for dinner.

Five minutes after that, I turned around and he was 25 yards away. All I could see were four paws in the air because he was givin’er on top of a dead rat, rubbing himself gleefully until I ran him down and chased him away. When I told him he was a “bad boy” he licked his lips.

This is Marcus, clearly missing mom, about 10 minutes ago, very busy being tired with his junk hanging out.