The theme of the Costume Institute Gala this past year was Model as Muse. Last year in 2008 it was the Superhero.

The theme for 2010?

The Church of Oprah.

Indeed, the Mighty Opes has been named co-chair next year to celebrate “American Woman: Fashioning a National Identity” alongside, as always, Anna Wintour.


Because Anna Wintour recently described Middle American woman as “little houses”, the same Middle America that worships The Mighty Oprah Winfrey every afternoon at 4pm.

Anna Wintour would rather die than associate with Oprah’s flock. And now these two are headlining a fashion event? The biggest fashion event of the year? Oh la. How I wish I could sit in on one of those meetings.

Remember when Anna told Oprah to lose 20 pounds for Vogue? And She did it? All while telling Her congregation to “love yourself, appreciate yourself, accept yourself”?

Will Her Mightiness make a difference on that carpet next year?

99% of them are twigs, those girls climbing the steps to enter the Met Gala each May. And Anna likes it that way. Remains to be seen if Oprah moves to make a change. But if not, can it be construed that she’s implicitly supporting an industry accused by many to be perpetuating unrealistic body images?


Jacquie S – looking forward to reading your thoughts on this one.