I’m sure you’ve all heard about that lady with all the babies? She was on food stamps or something and that shady doctor still put, like, 8 embryos inside of her and now she’s asking for donations online…?

I hate people.

Anyway, as you can imagine, every outlet was clamouring to interview the Jolie wannabe. Ultimately NBC outbid everyone else. The network claims not to have paid the rumoured $1 million + price tag but many news insiders are buzzing that all major organisations stepped away from negotiations when the woman’s people put a figure on the table.

Oprah stepped away too.

Oprah refused to pay.

Now you know I don’t pray at the Church of the Opesy but on this occasion, especially since Opesy has money to burn, the Mighty and I see eye to eye.

Not so much NBC. Word is they contributed via “donation” which is why they can keep insisting that there was no “deal”. Even more interesting – the controversial mother is rumoured to be obsessed with Angelina Jolie. Ann Curry is one of Angelina Jolie’s favourite journalists. Angie always talks to Ann. And Ann landed the 8 baby lady too.

Wonder if Ann attempted to broker a meeting between the two?

OK, if I’m honest, I would totally watch that. Don’t lie. You would too.