It’s enough that Kanye West somehow talked Anna Wintour into allowing Kanye West’s girlfriend to be there tonight. Can you imagine if JLO’s Slum Bear was accepted too?

It could still happen. But they were in Miami yesterday shooting her new video so I feel like maybe we’ll be spared from being grossed out. Or, let me rephrase, we’ll be less grossed than we would be if BOTH he and Kanye West’s girlfriend shat on that carpet. Leave it Miami, then. Please.

She was orange in Miami, Jennifer Lopez. An orange one-piece and orange lips. Also a green wrap dress that sorta kinda reminds me of the famous, famous one from the Grammys. And then she had to ruin it by holding hands with her Slum Bear and tenderly rubbing his neck. Check him out, thinking he’s so boss with his shirt off, running the shoot.

Maybe there is a benefit to her showing up all Slum Loves at the MET Gala tonight. Because Gwyneth will be there. Gwyneth never had to date down.