For the record, I do not think that Orlando Bloom is gay. I do however think he"s a bit of a Nelly. And if you don"t know what a Nelly is, it must mean you don"t have a main gay. And if you don"t have a main gay, I suggest you go find one and stat... because it means your life is seriously lacking. Have a read - from an online interview Orly did with People Magazine recently to promote his new movie, a sure straight to video release called Haven. The question was what he thought of his "heartthrob status": That doesn"t bother me. Name any of my heroes, and they were hotties. Brando was a pinup, so was James Dean, Paul Newman. I"m not going to (rest) on my "teen hottie" laurels. Ummmm… So…. Do you think Brando and Dean and Newman would EVER, EVER, EVER refer to themselves as HOTTIES??? Do you think they"d grow three whiskers and try to pass it off as a beard??? Bitch, PLEASE! You are pretty, you are definitely a HOTTIE…but please, darling, please don"t ever bark up the Man Tree and think you belong. Orlando Bloom? Nelly for life!