F&ck…please…no. Perez is reporting that In Touch is reporting that the two were making out at the Chateau Marmont the other night, and now the astute members of The Fashion Spot have pointed out that, in addition to swapping spit, they also seem to be sharing the same headgear. See photo of Kiki taken at the weekend while lunching with friends and also a photo of Orly with his other favourite hat…when he’s not rocking that smelly sock over his greasy locks. Coincidence or conspiracy? I, for one, hope it’s platonic. As you know, I adore Kirsten Dunst. And as you also know, Orly’s pathetic Three Whiskers do nothing for my smutty interests, to say nothing for the coma-inducing effect he has on my loins. Suffice to say, Three Whiskers for Kiki is a terrible terrible downgrade, although their mutual attraction has been palpable over the last couple of years. Have a look at a few snapshots from their past – perhaps one of the contributing factors to Kate Bosworth’s insecurity-driven weight loss? Hey – I’d feel inadequate too next to my Kiki, and this pic from the set of Elizabethtown probably didn’t help at the time. Pray Goddess my girl keeps it neutral with the assy Bloom. Because now that I’m a big fan, I’d really love to see her back with Joaquin Phoenix, with whom she was rumoured to have had a canoodle session also at the Marmont earlier this year. sh-t. Did I just bring the hate?