Three Whiskers Orly Bloom in Venice today with girlfriend Miranda Kerr, arm in arm, taking photos, in love, and not minding at all the presence of photographers following them for the shot. He needs the attention too.

It has been a very, very quiet year for Orlando. Hasn’t done much filming, and nothing has been confirmed going forward which means, aside from a brief appearance in New York I Love you, we won’t be seeing his baby face on screen in the foreseeable future.

Career crisis?

Perhaps not as dire as Mischa Barton but for a young actor with so much promise not too long ago, it’s certainly considered a steep decline. Starring in bomb after bomb, apart from Pirates (and the success of that franchise had nothing to do with him but everything to do with Johny Depp), obviously didn’t help.

So with a new breed of young hot actors making headlines (Robert Pattinson, Jim Sturgess, Ben Barnes, Tom Sturridge), does Orly even matter anymore?

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