So Orlando Bloom was involved in a car accident last night. One person suffered non-life threatening injuries – at press time he is still at hospital waiting for his female friend to be released.

BEFORE the accident however, Orly was acting all kindsa bizarre. He was seen leaving Green Door, a very beautiful woman at his side. Then, as she starts grabbing him and telling him not to do what he’s about to do, he jumps into a waiting vehicle and starts scrapping with some dude. At one point the man can be heard telling Orly to get the f&ck out of his car.

Meanwhile Three Whiskers is trying to be like all man. Looked to me like he was attempting to defend someone’s honour. Unsuccessfully. Then the woman gets in to the back seat and tries to get him to shut up. After several minutes of testicle stand-off, Orly gets out of the car and the girl moves up to the front seat and tells him to go home. You can also hear him muttering something about the fact that the man he was arguing with was her “boyfriend”. Click here for the clip.

How old is he? He’s 30 right? I thought only 20 year olds got drunk and pulled the swordfight out at clubs…

As for the accident, is reporting Orly tried to leave the scene until a pap reminded him that he’d be guilty of hit and run.

Is Three Whiskers on the verge of a breakdown? Did Jessica Simpson make him crazy?

My smutty sense is buzzing like mad. Yours?