Funniest sh-t ever.

As you already know, Hello Kitty Asians love some funky ass cheese. Asian taste is, like, borderline learning impaired. Female intelligence is often stunted, its development discouraged in favour of squealing over things pink and fluffy.

As you also know, Western celebrities often sell out overseas - aware that too many endorsements in the English-speaking world could hurt their images, they opt instead to sign huge deals in Asia, stipulating that the ads cannot run over here…mostly because of the aforementioned sell out accusation factor, but also because accepting a Hello Kitty paycheque means a serious swallowing of artistic pride.

So check out Three Whiskers Orlando Bloom in this hair ad from Japan – click here. So cheesy it rivals Mariah! A wonderful way to kick off your weekend. Enjoy.

PS. He does have good hair, I"ll give him that.  But does Good Hair trump LImp? Hell nah.