Orlando Bloom is making the rounds in New York to promote The Three Musketeers. It opens this weekend and... well... the reviews so far have been dismal. And apparently Paranormal Activity 3 is expected to win the box office this weekend while many predict that Musketeers, starring real(ish) actors, will bomb.

Still, Orly has press obligations to fill. And I’m wondering about his wardrobe selection while he’s doing so.  He’s a Hugo Boss spokesperson after all. A very attractive man. Not sure why he’s wearing his jeans like Jessica Simpson’s golddigger fiancé.

But what happened to this career? It was so promising. 10 years ago they said he could be as pretty as Johnny Depp and show the same promise. How did he build on the momentum of Lord of the Rings and Pirates? It was a series of bad decisions. And those decisions don’t seem so bad at the time. You don’t know that one, two, three, four movies are going to suck in succession so, no, maybe you can’t blame him for Kingdom of Heaven or Elizabethtown (good God), I do think he has to be held more accountable for Musketeers because... after all those preceding sh-tty movies, isn’t it especially important to be more careful now? Come on, it’s not like he needs the money. That’s what deals like Hugo Boss are for. And he can’t have burned through his Caribbean cash already, right?

Maybe the choice to take a movie like Musketeers is an indication that he’s given up already. Maybe he’s not all that interested in quality. Or...is it the only kind of script he’s being offered because he’s been known for such poor work for so long? What comes first?