Was Orly belly-cupping Katy?

Lainey Posted by Lainey at December 1, 2016 16:31:07 December 1, 2016 16:31:07

Katy Perry was honoured at the Snowflake Ball in New York earlier this week. Orlando Bloom was with her. According to Page Six:

Bloom was seen — and captured on a giant screen at the event in front of hundreds at Cipriani Wall Street — pulling Perry close as (Hillary) Clinton spoke, tenderly putting his hand on her stomach, leaving it there and then repeatedly rubbing her belly in circular motions at the black-tie gala.

So now people are speculating about whether or not she’s having Orly’s baby. Katy’s rep told Page Six that the pregnancy rumours are not true. And another friend of theirs said that they’re just affectionate like that and it’s nothing. Either way it’s weird to me. Because that area of the body? I do not want to be touched or rubbed there. Frankly, in public, I don’t want to be rubbed anywhere, but especially there. Unless you’re trying to help me poo. That’s what I do when I’m trying to draw out my poo. Not that it’s a scientific poo stimulation technique but, psychologically, I just feel like I’m accelerating the process, you know? Anyway the point is Katy’s people are saying she’s not pregnant for Orlando Bloom and some people think she is because he was massaging her belly.

Here’s Orly at LAX yesterday arriving back from NYC. I love this. Because when they left LA together for New York, they flew by private jet out of Van Nuys:

Orlando Bloom is not riding private plane styles on his own. When he’s on his own, he’s flying commercial. I kinda love that she sends his ass on commercial when she’s not travelling with him.

FameFlynet, starzfly/Bauergriffin.com/ Splash News, Jason Kempin/ Kevin Mazur/ Getty Images

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