Orly Bloomie will not be charged with hit and run stemming from an accident last week in which he crashed into a parked car, blaming the paps, and then proceeded to walk away from the scene as his friend lay bleeding in the backseat until a photographer advised him to turn his sh-t around.

Three Whiskers then promptly returned to play the concerned citizen and act the victim.

However, despite video evidence clearly illustrating his attempt to flee, the LA DA’s office has decided not to press charges citing “insufficient evidence”. And while there have been many reports that Orly had been drinking that night before getting behind the wheel, a breathalyser was not administered at the scene (!!??!!!)… probably because Orly is really too pretty for prison and hard core criminals don’t take kindly to baby stars who cry after sex.

Here’s Orly looking relieved and cute yesterday in LA. Word is his brief flirtation with Jessica Simpson is over and he’s now moved on to some model with whom he’s said now to be in love. Snort. The conversation in that relationship must be riveting.