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Inside Llewyn Davis is considered, so far, the best film at Cannes. The critics were delighted. The reviews have been really, really, really strong. And Justin Timberlake is not the lead, despite the coverage that would indicate otherwise.

The lead is the current #1 on my Five List, Oscar Isaac. Who seemed to be criminally overlooked at the photo call and the premiere. In fact, there are so few available photos of him alone at the premiere, I almost just punched my laptop.

He did have his moments though. Apparently Oscar was cheered at the presser by journalists who’d just come from the screening. Variety described his performance as a “revelatory showcase”. And one reporter gushed, “"Where have you come from, and where the hell are you going?" (Source)

So he probably doesn’t mind that JT cockblocked the photo opportunities. Not when Ethan Coen talks about him like this:

"This movie is really about one character. And that one character is in almost every scene in the movie. And that character also has to be an incredible musician who sings and plays guitar. I don't know how else to describe it, but we were screwed until we met Oscar."

And T-Bone Burnett said this:

"Just the odds of finding Oscar were one in 17 million. I haven't done the exact calculation."

Let JT have the pictures then. Because the way they’re talking, even though it’s early, Inside Llewyn Davis has a very good chance at being part of the conversation during award season, as almost every Coen Brothers film is, and Oscar may be one of the five names called for Best Actor nominations. You know who’ll be campaigning for one too? Matthew McConaughey. I know you just got over your award season fatigue but I almost can’t wait to see that.

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