These pictures of my #1 Oscar Isaac came out a few days ago but I didn’t have anything besides “OMG, can I have some of your yummy-ness?” to say about him so I decided to hold.

It paid off!

The first trailer for his upcoming A Most Violent Year was released yesterday. The film comes out New Year’s Eve, in time for possible Oscar consideration. Director JC Chandor has a very good reputation and many supporters in the industry. And while there might not be room for Oscar among the Best Actor candidates, that could always change and a spot could open up if Joaquin Phoenix (Inherent Vice) declares, once again, that he’s not interested in going to the dance. He never wants to go to the dance. Then again, I never thought he wanted to be superhero and supposedly he’s negotiating to be Dr Strange. So maybe Joaquin will actually end up going to the dance.

Anyway, A Most Violent Year features Oscar doing acting gymnastics with Jessica Chastain. That’s really all you need to know. That’s also why people are including it in award conversations. It’s a high level expectation.