The Coen Brothers new film Inside Llewyn Davis has started shooting in New York. Here’s the star Oscar Isaac on set today. Justin Timberlake has been cast in a supporting role. And you will see, yet again, how JT compares unfavourably with real actors.

Oscar Isaac is the new Jessica Chastain. He’s in everything. He will be everywhere. And you’ve already seen him. Notable in the forgettable Sucker Punch. And in Drive, remember? And also W.E., perhaps the very best part of W.E. Certainly the hottest part of W.E. Madonna did not get it wrong there, no not at all. I can’t imagine that she would not have had her eye on him for more than just a part in her movie. Look at him. He is totally her type. The more I think about it, the more shocked I am that she didn’t try to make him her boyfriend. Or was that not up to her?