Check out my #1, Oscar Isaac, at an event in New York earlier this week. Oscar’s been working on Star Wars VII. Before that he was shooting A Most Violent Year, scheduled for release in November, with some talk of possible award season inclusion. Yesterday it was announced that Oscar will star in the upcoming HBO miniseries Show Me A Hero based on the true story of Nick Wasicsko who was, in the late 80s, then the youngest mayor in America. But Yonkers was torn apart by racial divide over the issue of low-income housing. If you know something of the story, then you realise the point of the title is that there really was no hero.

Oscar is playing Wasicsko. Catherine Keener has also been cast. And Paul Haggis is directing. Show Me A Hero will be written by David Simon. You know his work from Treme. You know, if this is how HBO spends its Game Of Thrones profits, it works for me.