Sarah’s got the nerd analysis on this in a minute…

I just want to talk about the #1 on my Five List, Oscar Isaac. Who has been confirmed for Star Wars!

And this is how Llewyn Davis is paying off. He was supposed to be a contender when LIewyn Davis arrived in Cannes last year. That didn’t end up happening. For Michael B Jordan and Fruitvale too. But as I said about Jordan, 2013 was a building period. Building towards BIG.

Star Wars is big.

He’s already shown us he can do small indie. Now he’s making it work in a blockbuster, in a franchise. As Sarah has been positing for almost two years now, “franchise” is the career goal now. And Oscar now has one.


For him. And for the rest of us who have him on our Five Lives. The more famous he is, the more we get to see him.


This news broke right after I As If’ed Zac Efron for his Star Wars desperation. Zac Efron is not invited.