I see you, you know. I see you’ve fully embraced Oscar Isaac into your life, talking about him with your friends like he’s been yours all along…FOR THE LAST MONTH. I see you turning him into a CumberGosling. You can deny it but I see you because I SAW HIM FIRST. And I have no f-cks to give about how annoying that’s becoming because when he was announced last night…

…and then WON last night for his outstanding work in Show Me A Hero, and then after winked at Mark Ruffalo (Sweet God SWEET GODDDDD)…

…Twitter jizzed all over itself. And now Oscar Isaac belongs to everyone.

I can’t even be smug about this. Selfish and petulant is the only way to describe me. But I can still enjoy these photos:

Oscar and his girlfriend on the red carpet. Last year his girlfriend’s name was Maria Miranda. This is not Maria Miranda. Oscar and Maria Miranda (I love saying this name) kept their sh-t pretty tight. Oscar and Elvira were pretty public last night. And she posted this on Twitter:



That’s Room’s young Jacob Tremblay who, like the rest of us, has also, obviously, fallen in love with Poe Dameron. You just got pregnant didn’t you?

I’m about to knock you up with 8 more babies.

Because I’ve also attached shots of Oscar hanging out with Pedro Pascal last night.

And that concludes our 2016 coverage of the Golden Globes. It’s been 53 articles between Duana, Sarah, and, I, and almost 14,000 words. Thank you so much for refreshing every few minutes today. Please note, the Globes posts spanned 5 and a half pages today. Some of you have emailed to ask about specific celebrities, specific dresses. Please keep going back on the blog to previous pages to get caught up on all the entries. And please keep emailing and tweeting us!

Smutty Social Media is coming up and we’ll start all over again tomorrow.