Dear Gossips,

Happy New Year!

Welcome back from the holiday break. If you were totally internet-free during your time off, I have two things to say: um, how?, and also, please scroll down and get caught up. There is no time for “previouslys” at our gossip meetings. Especially not when we are now in the heat of award season.

Oscar nomination voting is officially underway until Friday. So the Palm Springs International Film Festival was very, very important on Saturday. Many Academy members were in attendance. Many of them were there to be impressed, to be convinced. Which is why so many contenders showed up.

And of course, in 6 days, it’s the Golden Globes. Oh, and on Wednesday it’s the People’s Choice Awards – not that they matter, but, you know, that’s what’s been marked on Kaley Cuoco’s calendar for months.  

So are you ready to talk sh-t for another year? Just to get you in the right bitch mood, because I need you there with me, let me offer you this confession: I’m the c-nt who stepped up the workouts at the beginning of December. Through the entire month, I only took 3 fitness days off. Ate whatever I wanted and ran and boxed my way through. In my defence, none of this was documented on Instagram. But still. Are you annoyed? Did you spit at me through your screen? Draft me a shouty email right now at [email protected] or @laineygossip on Twitter and give me your best snark – and make a point of yelling at me for the next 12 months. That’s what we do here. 

Yours in gossip,