It’s not, like, knee-slappingly funny but I wonder if a comedy always has to be knee-slappingly funny. There was a moment, for example, in The Hangover, which I did not consider to be a good movie, when I knee-slap laughed. I did not, however, knee-slap laugh often, if at all, during I Love You Man. But I consider I Love You Man to be a much better movie, a much better comedy.

Our Idiot Brother feels the same way.

A new full trailer has just been released. The film stars Paul Rudd who is too honest and too sweet and too naive and gets f-cked over all the time but and doesn’t seem to get cynical, and he drives his sisters crazy. His sisters are played by Emily Mortimer, Elizabeth Banks (is that her real name, I mean really???), and Zooey Deschanel. Rashida Jones, Hugh Dancy, and Steve Coogan also star. A very strong cast. And you know what else encourages me about this?

I remember seeing pap shots of them shooting in New York last summer in the suffocating heat. And you know what? It shows in the movie. They look sweaty. They glisten. Their hair, it sticks to their foreheads. Like real people. I dunno... it’s the small things, you know? Like, imagine Jennifer Lopez shooting in those conditions? They’d double the budget on overtime making the crew wait around so that they could powder her down.