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Duana is a television screenwriter whose credits include Degrassi: The Next Generation, Lost Girl, Lost & Found Studios, and many more. On LaineyGossip.com, she raves about television, feminism, and "Hamilton", and writes the popular name column "Duana Names". She also hosts the hit podcast 'Show Your Work' with Elaine Lui, and is the author of the bestselling book, 'The Name Therapist'.

Duana Names: Who Else Am I Mad About? 

Duana Posted by Duana at June 25, 2019 18:52:03 June 25, 2019 18:52:03

Hi Duana,  I wonder if you'd consider helping me name my new beagle? Lainey's kick-assedness aside (which I 100% admire and wish I was more like), I think I've always been partial to her because of the beagles. I think beagle owners really get one another.  I am single in my 40s, and while I adore my nephews and nieces, I don't have kids and have come to appreciate that I don't. Full Story

Duana Names: Reality Names

Duana Posted by Duana at June 21, 2019 19:17:16 June 21, 2019 19:17:16
istock/ Getty Images

Hi Duana, We are expecting our second daughter at the beginning of July. We need some name help. With our first, we very quickly fell in love with the name Nora. We still love it and when I say her name it almost comes out of my mouth in a melodic way. For our second child, we have been struggling with finding names that we like and agree on. Full Story

Duana Names: Good News – You’re Behind!

Duana Posted by Duana at June 19, 2019 19:51:21 June 19, 2019 19:51:21
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Hi Duana,   I am due with a second child in June. It is a girl, and we already have our Rose who will be two when the second is born. Rose was easy for us to name, and we chose Mae Lynn as her middle name(s), one of which is a family name and one we just thought was complimentary. We are big time struggling with the naming of our second girl. Full Story

The TONYs Are Better TV Than The Oscars. I Said It. 

Duana Posted by Duana at June 10, 2019 15:26:03 June 10, 2019 15:26:03
Dimitrios Kambouris/ Taylor Hill/ Angela Weiss/ Nicholas Hunt/ Jenny Anderson/ Theo Wargo/ Kevin Mazur/ Getty Images

Confession: I missed the beginning of the show live, including host James Corden’s over 10-minute opening number, and saw it after I’d watched the rest of the show.  I didn’t think that would shift the fabric of my whole viewing experience, but I saw more than a couple of grumpy-assed reviews this morning, and I disagree with them vehemently. Full Story

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Duana Names: When He’s Stuck In A Junior-High Haze…

Duana Posted by Duana at June 5, 2019 20:25:43 June 5, 2019 20:25:43
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Hi Duana,   We are expecting our second child at the end of June and just can’t find a name that clicks for us. Our first is Benjamin. This time around we are having a girl.  I gravitate towards grandma and/or Irish names, my husband adores anything from the 80s/90s (for boy names he was pushing HARD for Kirk or Marty). Full Story

Duana Names: Lost That Loving Feeling

Duana Posted by Duana at June 3, 2019 20:28:03 June 3, 2019 20:28:03
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Hi Duana,   My daughter's name is Adelaide Vance which I love. We had Adelaide picked out as a girl's name for years (Addie for short) and Vance is a middle name in my family given to first born girls. Now I'm pregnant with a boy (due in June) and my partner and I are stumped. Our girl's pick was Matilda June but we've never been able to settle on a boy's name. Full Story

Duana Names: Is It Evil? And…Is that Bad?

Duana Posted by Duana at May 31, 2019 20:10:33 May 31, 2019 20:10:33
Stefanie Keenan/ Getty Images

Hi Duana! We’re expecting our third kid in June. We already have a boy and girl and I swear we have already vetoed every dang name there is! We don’t want something super popular because my husband has a very common 80’s boy name and hated using his last name to differentiate from all the other boys with his name (think Mike M. Full Story

Duana Names: Secrets Of His Success

Duana Posted by Duana at May 29, 2019 20:58:58 May 29, 2019 20:58:58
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Hi Duana,   My friend Hafida is having a baby boy at the end of May, and is a bit stuck for names. The baby's big sister is Sophia. His father is Samir, and the family's background is Moroccan origin, but they live in the Netherlands. My friend likes the idea of alliterative names for her children, and has been digging around (so far without success) for an Arabic boy's name that: starts with "S", is easy to pronounce, would not result in the baby being a "junior" (although she does very much like her husband's name), and that she and her husband both like. Full Story

Duana Names: Astounded / Euphoric / Blunt / True

Duana Posted by Duana at May 27, 2019 19:42:44 May 27, 2019 19:42:44
istock/ Getty Images

Dear Duana - LONG time reader, first time writer. Potential meltdown haver. Love your taste, and your advice would be a HUGE help. I live in the middle of conservative America, but I am part of a liberal-yuppie-hint-of-hipster-crew. I hate that I just wrote that, but I’m self aware. I’m one of the last to have kids in our friend/acquaintance circle and I am starting to feel like all the good names are taken. Full Story

Show Your Work: Riverdale Writer Michael Grassi Takes Us To School

Duana Posted by Duana at May 23, 2019 16:55:48 May 23, 2019 16:55:48

He’s a real-live showrunner! This week’s Show Your Work is a special pleasure for both of us; for me, because our guest, Michael Grassi, is not just a writer and co-executive producer on Riverdale AND the showrunner of the upcoming CW show Katy Keene, also based on a character from the Archie Comics universe – but also a good friend of mine who’s been in the writer trenches with me for years. Full Story