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Duana is a television screenwriter whose credits include Degrassi: The Next Generation, Lost Girl, Lost & Found Studios, and many more. On LaineyGossip.com, she raves about television, feminism, and "Hamilton", and writes the popular name column "Duana Names". She also hosts the hit podcast 'Show Your Work' with Elaine Lui, and is the author of the bestselling book, 'The Name Therapist'.

Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor! 

Duana Posted by Duana at May 8, 2019 16:58:48 May 8, 2019 16:58:48
The Mega Agency/ WPA Pool/ Dominic Lipinski/ Getty Images

THEY DID IT.  THEY DID THAT.  They surprised everyone! NOBODY had Archie on their lists. Not a single person in all the opining about Philip and Spencer and Charles had any of these names anywhere on their list… which means I am so proud of these Sussexes I can’t even see straight. Full Story

Elle Fanning: Met Gala Best (Duana) 

Duana Posted by Duana at May 7, 2019 16:12:55 May 7, 2019 16:12:55
Angela Weiss/ Theo Wargo/ Karwai Tang/ Dimitrios Kambouris/ Mike Coppola/ MG19/ Dia Dipasupil/ Kevin Mazur/ Getty Images

It was an embarrassment of riches last night. This theme brought out one of the best overall showings in years. But while some of the people we loved are the ones we expected to (looking at you, Celine Full Story

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Kerry Washington: Met Gala Most Boring (Duana) 

Duana Posted by Duana at May 7, 2019 15:49:43 May 7, 2019 15:49:43
Rabbani and Solimene Photography/ Karwai Tang/ Theo Wargo/ Jamie McCarthy/ Dia Dipasupil/ John Shearer/ Getty Images

I loooove Kerry Washington and I frequently love what she wears. Especially in her Scandal period her work wardrobe was so cashmere sleek that she got to play more on carpets – especially those where she was just a presenter or a guest. Relatively low pressure seemed to work well with her creativity, and I really enjoyed seeing what she’d come up with. Full Story

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Gabrielle Union & Dwyane Wade: Met Headgear Champions 

Duana Posted by Duana at May 7, 2019 15:14:28 May 7, 2019 15:14:28
Dimitrios Kambouris/ Dia Dipasupil/ Jamie McCarthy/ Karwai Tang/ Theo Wargo/ Mike Coppola/ MG19/ Neilson Barnard/ Ray Tamarra/ Getty Images

How do they do that? How do they make what could easily veer into cheesy couple’s costume territory look so dramatically badass?  Look at these two. Just please experience Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade right now…  Full Story

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Janelle Monae: Met Devotion

Duana Posted by Duana at May 7, 2019 15:04:08 May 7, 2019 15:04:08
WENN, Dia Dipasupil/ Taylor Hill/ Raymond Hall/ John Shearer/ Karwai Tang/ Theo Wargo/ Mike Coppola/ MG19/ Kevin Mazur/ Dimitrios Kambouris/ Getty Images

This is true devotion to the theme. Janelle Monae has always honoured this carpet, in the most literal, personal ways. She is, more than almost anyone else, an artist whose clothing is an extension of her personality, and of the vibe she’s embodying. Right? Like it’s never a joke for her, even though it’s full of fun and humour, somewhere Janelle Monae is one breast-sized blinking eye, and that may seem like a drug-induced musing but I am stone-cold sober and I’m pretty sure she is too. Full Story

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Ciara & Hailee Steinfeld: Met Extreme Confidence

Duana Posted by Duana at May 7, 2019 12:56:16 May 7, 2019 12:56:16
Gotham/ Jamie McCarthy/ Karwai Tang/ Dimitrios Kambouris/ Dia Dipasupil/ Mike Coppola/MG19/ John Shearer/ Getty Images

I love what Hailee Steinfeld wore to the Met Gala. It’s so very, very clear to me that to really kill it on the red carpet at this event, you need to have a sense of humour – which is ironic because Anna Wintour is the last person anyone thinks of as having one.  But if you’re going to get out in front of your theme, and do something more than just be pretty (which is pretty much the kiss of death at this event) or sexy or beautiful, you’ve got to have a sense of humor – and then you’ve got to be able to pull it off, which, see below, where Lupita Nyong’o is so good at that it’s almost a problem for her Full Story

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Sophie Turner & Joe Jonas: Met Best 90s 

Duana Posted by Duana at May 7, 2019 12:33:33 May 7, 2019 12:33:33
Theo Wargo/ Andrew Toth/ Dimitrious Kambouris/ Dia Dipasupil/ Neilson Barnard/ Gotham/ Getty Images

The predominant style indicator of the 90s, if you were trying to approximate it in a drawing or sketch, is plaid flannel, plus combat boots. That’s the shorthand, and it should be, I get why it is.   But when I saw Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas, 5 days after their Vegas wedding, wearing coordinated pieces, all I could think about was the early 90s, hip-hop and R&B, Color Me Badd, 90210, and In Living Color – and I am so ready for this to come back! This should be happening!  So they’re coordinated, but not necessarily matching? Hers is a custom Louis Vuitton two piece, and while his print isn’t exactly the same, the tones are so close that I have to assume LV had a hand in his too. Full Story

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Lupita Nyong’o: Met Unfair Advantage

Duana Posted by Duana at May 7, 2019 12:03:12 May 7, 2019 12:03:12
Angela Weiss/ Gotham/ Dia Dipasupil/ Nancy Rivera/ Bauer-Griffin/ John Shearer/ Jamie McCarthy/ Karwai Tang/ Getty Images

In the past couple of years stylists have finally been getting their due, and some, like Law Roach, are approaching pop culture figure status on their own. It’s absolutely time for people to acknowledge the work of stylists and for them to be stars in their own right, kind of like how showrunners suddenly became public figures about a dozen years ago. Full Story

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Yara Shahidi & Cara Delevingne: Camp Below The Belt

Duana Posted by Duana at May 7, 2019 11:20:06 May 7, 2019 11:20:06
Dia Dipasupil/ Kevin Mazur/ Dimitrious Kambouris/ John Shearer/ Pierre Suu/ Theo Wargo/ Karwai Tang/ Jamie McCarthy/ Angela Weiss/ Getty Images

I. Freaked. Out.  Look, I’ll admit it. I thought the Camp theme was going to be too broad, and that most people weren’t going to want to risk enough to really come to play, or that the interpretations would be so vague they wouldn’t actually evoke that.  And I mean, there was some of that – people who looked absolutely pretty but non-essential – but there was so so so much amazingness to choose from, and if I’m honest, half of it is the high-fashion version of loud prints I wore in grade 10. Full Story

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Cole Sprouse & Lili Reinhart: Met Camp Couple

Duana Posted by Duana at May 7, 2019 10:19:43 May 7, 2019 10:19:43
Kevin Mazur/ MG19/ Neilson Barnard/ Dimitrious Kambouris/ Getty Images

I didn’t stutter on that title. Obviously there are other couples tonight who killed it style-wise – more than usual, actually – and we’ll get to all of them. But the reason that Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart seem like the establishment here even though they’re early in their 20s and only attending the Met Gala for the second year is, well, they kind of are camp, in the best way possible. Full Story

Gal Gadot & Bella Hadid: Met Gala Personal Bests

Duana Posted by Duana at May 7, 2019 08:26:36 May 7, 2019 08:26:36
Neilson Barnard/ Mike Coppola/ MG19/ Andrew Toth/ Dimitrios Kambouris/ Dia Dipasupil/ John Shearer/ Getty Images

In the category of ‘honest confessions nobody will be shocked by’, I’ve never cared much about Bella Hadid. I mean I don’t dislike her in any way, but I’ve known her because of who her sister is or her boyfriend was and/or is, but never really thought “oh I need more of her in my life”. Full Story

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