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Sarah is a film critic and entertainment writer. She is a member of the Chicago Film Critics Association and can also be found writing at and @Cinesnark. She didn't choose the skux life, the skux life chose her.

In Praise of Steve Harrington

Sarah Posted by Sarah at July 12, 2019 14:10:34 July 12, 2019 14:10:34
Netflix, Pierre Suu/ Marc Piasecki/ Dominique Charriau/ Getty Images

SPOILERS WITHIN In season one of Stranger Things, Steve Harrington (Joe Keery) was a take on the classic 1980s movie bully—popular, good-looking, dating the girl the scrappy underdog hero liked, and a total asshole. By the end of that season, we learned that Steve isn’t quite the raging asshole he seems, and in season two, we watched as he became the dad friend to a pack of feral children who fight monsters. Full Story

Aziz Ansari returns

Sarah Posted by Sarah at July 11, 2019 14:08:04 July 11, 2019 14:08:04

Eighteen months after an allegation of sexual misconduct threatened to ruin his career—not really, of course, because no one except for Harvey Weinstein has been ruined but people are always so worried about the hardships of men—Aziz Ansari returns to television with a new Netflix stand-up special, Right Now. Full Story

Stranger Things 3 Breakout: Maya Hawke

Sarah Posted by Sarah at July 10, 2019 20:22:42 July 10, 2019 20:22:42
Backgrid, Netflix

SPOILERS WITHIN Every season of Stranger Things has given us a breakout star among the kid-cast. The first season, it was Millie Bobby Brown. The second season, Joe Keery leveled up Steve Harrington and became everyone’s favorite dad friend. In the third season, the breakout is unquestionably Maya Hawke, who stars as caustic ice cream-slinger, Robin, who is one of the coolest characters to emerge from Hawkins, Indiana. Full Story

Fast 9: Will the women get to stand up this time?

Sarah Posted by Sarah at July 9, 2019 13:50:05 July 9, 2019 13:50:05
Vittorio Zunino Celotto/ Karwai Tang/ Getty Images

Fast 9, the latest entry in the most improbable franchise in cinema, is currently filming in the UK. Vin Diesel took to Instagram to drop some casting news, confirming that Charlize Theron and Helen Mirren are returning for this installment. Theron was the villain in F8te of the Furious—still mad that isn’t the actual title—and Mirren plays Magdalene Shaw, mother of Deckard (aka Jason Statham). Full Story

Maleficent is a baddie again…or is she? 

Sarah Posted by Sarah at July 8, 2019 16:20:33 July 8, 2019 16:20:33
ENT/ Splash News

While writing up that solid Mulan teaser, I cut a whole tangent about Maleficent: Mistress of Evil and its place in the live-action remake canon. But now we have a brand new Maleficent trailer to judge and it is exactly what my tangent-rant was about, so now let’s talk about Maleficent and its place in the live-action remake canon. Full Story

Mulan suits up

Sarah Posted by Sarah at July 8, 2019 13:30:10 July 8, 2019 13:30:10

The Disney live-action remake train CAN’T STOP WON’T STOP, so before we even get to The Lion King and Maleficent 2, the remaining remakes for the year, we have a teaser for Mulan, the first live-action remake of 2020. I have not been super enthusiastic about these remakes, as they mostly avoid any opportunity for reinvention and just deliver the same damn thing, but with people (exception: Pete’s Dragon, the least successful and most imaginative of the remakes Full Story

Tom Holland and Jake Gyllenhaal in Spider-Man: Far From Home

Sarah Posted by Sarah at July 3, 2019 17:15:58 July 3, 2019 17:15:58
Eugene Gologursky/ Angela Weiss/ Getty Images

Spider-Man: Homecoming works about as well as a “standalone” movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe can (none of these movies truly stand alone, but some pass better than others). Its sequel, Spider-Man: Far From Home, however, does not stand alone at all. It is well and truly a coda to Avengers: Endgame, depending entirely on that movie for its emotional core. Full Story

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All the stars in Knives Out

Sarah Posted by Sarah at July 3, 2019 14:12:56 July 3, 2019 14:12:56
YouTube/ Lionsgate Movies

Pre-Star Wars, Rian Johnson made his name as a director on twisty-turny genre pieces Brick, The Brothers Bloom (vastly underappreciated), and Looper. Then he went off and made a Star War and a very vocal fragment of the fandom pooped their Pampers over The Last Jedi, an argument which continues today. Full Story

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Midsommar is the best breakup movie in the whole ass world

Sarah Posted by Sarah at July 2, 2019 19:04:28 July 2, 2019 19:04:28
Jim Spellman/ Getty Images

Writer/director Ari Aster really f-cked us up last year with his feature film debut, Hereditary. He’s back this year with his sophomore effort, Midsommar, a daytime nightmare about toxic relationships and the horror of white male mediocrity. Here’s the deal—Midsommar is not as traumatically frightening as Hereditary. Full Story