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Kathleen has worked at some of the biggest media outlets in North America: MuchMusic, MTV and CTV. Currently, she's a celebrity and entertainment producer at daytime talk show The Social. In addition to writing for LaineyGossip, her side hustle includes contributing to various publications like Elle Canada, Corduroy Magazine and The Kit.

When Regina King Talks

Kathleen Posted by Kathleen at January 14, 2019 18:42:06 January 14, 2019 18:42:06
Kevin Mazur/ Kevin Winter/ Emma McIntyre/ JEAN-BAPTISTE LACROIX/ Steve Granitz/ Gregg DeGuire/ Michael Kovac/ Frazer Harrison/ Taylor Hill/ Getty Images

That was my poor attempt at a play on If Beale Street Could Talk, but seriously, no one talks like Regina King. In an award season that refuses to give us a break from insufferable, worse-than-Hathaway twee speeches from Lady Gaga (I like Gaga but can she DO LESS please?), we’ve been saved by Regina King. Full Story

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Crazy Rich Asians is The Favourite

Kathleen Posted by Kathleen at January 14, 2019 14:53:33 January 14, 2019 14:53:33
Gregg DeGuire/ Frazer Harrison/ Michael Kovac/ Kevin Mazur/ Jon Kopaloff/ Matt Winkelmeyer/ Kevin Winter/ Getty Images

Lainey and I watched The Critic’s Choice Awards together over text. Sometimes she was ahead and sometimes I was, depending on bathroom breaks, dog walk breaks, etc. When Crazy Rich Asians won Best Comedy, Lainey texted me about a minute before I heard the reveal with an “Omgggggggg!!! Kathleenn!!!!!” Only one thing could get that many exclamation points out of Elaine Lui. Full Story

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Black Panther: Globes Best Dressed (Kathleen) 

Kathleen Posted by Kathleen at January 7, 2019 17:39:51 January 7, 2019 17:39:51
Steve Granitz/ Kevin Winter/ Frazer Harrison/ Handout/ Valerie Macon/ Axelle/ Bauer-Griffin/ Getty Images

The cast of Black Panther almost cost me a laptop, my friendship with Lainey Lui, and probably my job. I was ready to tear apart her entire basement. I was ready to throw whatever I could at the TV screen. As soon as I saw Danai Gurira, Michael Bae Jordan Full Story

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Gina Rodríguez: Globes Worst Dressed (Kathleen) 

Kathleen Posted by Kathleen at January 7, 2019 16:00:58 January 7, 2019 16:00:58
Jon Kopaloff/ Steve Granitz/ Handout/ Frazer Harrison/ Valerie Macon/ Axelle/ Bauer-Griffin/ Michael Kovac/ Daniele Venturelli/ Getty Images

This hurts. I don’t want to do this. Gina Rodríguez is slowly starting to suffer from the Jameela Jamil condition of being charming and wonderful on television and well-meaning but grating in person. To put it simply, they both say dumb sh-t sometimes. Full Story

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Old Chris Pine + Young Jeff Bridges

Kathleen Posted by Kathleen at January 7, 2019 14:07:06 January 7, 2019 14:07:06
Handout/ Steve Granitz/ Getty Images

Chris Pine is my Chris. You know this. My allegiance to him is mostly unwavering. I’ve been riding for Chris Pine since Just My Luck and The Princess Diaries: Royal Engagement. Those movies were definitively in the Young Chris Pine era. Last night, Lainey decided that she likes “Older looking Chris Pine Full Story

Richard Madden’s Fiji Water photobomb

Kathleen Posted by Kathleen at January 7, 2019 11:04:29 January 7, 2019 11:04:29
WENN, Jon Kopaloff/ Stefanie Keenan/ Steve Granitz/ George Pimentel/ Getty Images

Richard Madden’s face is a distraction. I found his face distracting in Bodyguard. I mainlined the series in about a day so it’s not that his distractingly attractive features took away from my viewing experience, it’s just that Richard Madden’s got a face that you can’t stop staring at. Full Story

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Regina King’s Golden Globes promise 

Kathleen Posted by Kathleen at January 7, 2019 10:07:22 January 7, 2019 10:07:22
George Pimentel/ Jon Kopaloff/ Daniele Venturelli/ Michael Kovac/ Joe Scarnici/ Getty Images

We need to talk about Regina King. Specifically, we need to talk about what an epic display of Showing Your F-cking Work Regina King displayed at the Golden Globes. First, there’s her work in If Beale Street Could Talk. As Lainey told you a few days ago, Regina King is extraordinary in it Full Story

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Thandie’s consistency 

Kathleen Posted by Kathleen at January 7, 2019 09:16:28 January 7, 2019 09:16:28
Daniele Venturelli/ Steve Granitz/ Jon Kopaloff/ Frazer Harrison/ Getty Images

I just realized what the Golden Globes was missing: Tracee Ellis Ross. Tracee can SHUT DOWN a red carpet. When Tracee shows up, I know more times than not that she’ll automatically be in the running for Best Dressed. Her consistency is something I always look forward to – it’s also something I take for granted. Full Story