Source Who doesn’t worship Dr Bailey? And who can deny Chandra Wilson? The way she was all business getting up on that stage, didn’t bother stopping for hugs and kisses – girl just wanted to rush up there and grab her prize – such cuteness! And such spunk! Thanking her ten fellow castmembers and “the one in Rehab” with a wave of her li’l hand... just about killed me. To say nothing of the way she stood up for short, black, voluptuous actors everywhere. Two years ago, Chandra Wilson still had a part time job. She"d go from gig to gig and then report to work at an investment firm, unwilling to let go of the practical end of paying the bills. She finally quit something like 6 months into Season 1...and she told me in October she still feels nervous about it - as they say, she"s a good egg. Love, love, love.