I love Kate Hudson. Sure, sure. There"s the occasional drug rumour and those anorexic whispers and of course the familiar cheating stories that will plague every young celebrity bride but so what? It"s Hollywood! Who isn"t a snorting starving cheater in this town? Besides, Kate Hudson is too adorable to resist and when I watch her, I am completely mesmerised. She owned that movie - How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days. She was the one bearable feature in the unbearable Four Feathers. And only Kate could make me sit through an hour and a half of that frickin" loser John Corbett and his hippy do-hick drawl in Raising Helen. So yes, I will go see You, Me and Dupree. Not for Owen Wilson, not for Matt Dillon, but definitely for Kate Hudson. Look at her, gossips. Isn"t she golden?