How do you go from the cult brilliance of Old School to Blonde Ambition with Jessica Simpson? The only explanation? Luke Wilson must be broke. Therefore, Luke Wilson must be selling out. Two weeks ago he wouldn’t work with her, now MTV is reporting that he’s tapped to co-star with her in a new movie…don’t know what it’s about, don’t care what it’s about, but ironically enough, filming begins later on this month in Louisiana…and you remember what happened in Louisiana, don’t you? One Jackass, one Jessie, one number between 68 and 70 – legend has it, he introduced her to the delights of oral communication and, in particular, he introduced her to the delights of oral communication from the back door. Still my smutty favourite story after all these years…hee. And still perhaps Jessie’s favourite guilty pleasure, will Luke be so kind to oblige? It would certainly cheer her up, from what I hear, she definitely needs cheering up. Poor Jess is depressed. Depressed and gorging. Quite normal for any woman but not the best way to deal if you’re living in Hollywood. I was there last week…I’m telling you – you can’t find jeans bigger than a size 28. And my girl DT, a close close friend, once told me she saw Paris Hilton at Kitson trying on a dress in a Medium and it was TOO F&CKING SMALL. As you know…Paris is a rail. Sorry I digress. Back to Jess: Jess is sad, Jess is eating, and is it just me or does Jess look like Pam??? Source and Source