Have you seen what Luke Wilson looks like lately? Shocked me in Blades of Glory – it’s frightening how bloated he is. Bloated in a bad way, bloated in a “I drink too much and I’m a loser” kind of way – what the hell was Gwyneth thinking?

Hands down, the hotter Wilson, especially these days has to be Owen. Owen with the bent nose and the sun-bleached hair. Unconventional sexy. If he had a straight nose he’d be less so, non? And of course the sense of humour, the easy relaxed way about him, the way he wears his pants – he does wear pants well. And you know it’s a big deal for me – the pants thing.

So here are Owen and Kate Hudson in NYC, after several months of lurking around seemingly now more comfortable being photographed in “couple” mode.

Creepy to say but I imagine they’re the types to have a lot of Laugh Sex. Totally hot and even a little raunch but loads of fun at the same time – like “throw your head back and really roar with laughter” fun – can you see it too?

Love them.