Posh, Marion, nothing slamdunk but speculative anyway on Kate Moss, and now confirmed – Owen Wilson and his girlfriend Jade Duell are pregnant. It’s Pregnancy Day. His rep confirmed the news to EW.com.

No idea who Jade Duell is. But Owen was shooting a movie here in Vancouver last summer and I posted these shots – see below – of him hiking Grouse Mountain with an unidentified woman purported to be his gf. My favourite part of this story is that after I wrote the bit about the mystery girlfriend – the original article is here – several know-it-allers emailed insisting that my eyes were bugging because they thought the woman in question was Woody Harrelson’s wife. My eyes weren’t bugging. And even if they were bugged I could still tell the difference between Asians.

Also attached – a picture of Woody with his wife Laura at the Golden Globes last year.

Photos from PUNKD Images and Wenn.com