The Owen Wilson situation - biggest news in Hollywood, caused quite a frenzy yesterday.

It was first reported by the National Enquirer as an overdose. According to the rag, Owen was taken to St John’s in very serious condition and then transferred to Cedars-Sinai. A criminal attorney was reportedly present at the time. As the story developed, an update was released, again by the National Enquirer, this time alleging that Owen had actually attempted suicide by slitting his wrists and downing a dangerous amount of pills. The cuts were described as “superficial” and he was apparently found by a family member who called the ambulance.

Mainstream outlets have since confirmed that Owen is indeed in hospital though most have stopped shy of calling it suicide. Many in Hollywood however are calling it a cover up.

Please note: suicide is indeed sad smut. And if suicide is “confirmed”, absolutely Owen Wilson off limits. Having said that, as one of the most bankable comedic actors in the business, with several projects currently on the go, and given that this is show business after all, cynical insiders are buzzing that suicide is infinitely less damaging career-wise than an overdose and sympathy (and insurance) is more readily available for someone with serious emotional problems over a straight up drug addict, particularly in light of recent developments with members of Young Hollywood f*cking up every other weekend. As such, Owen’s people supposedly wanted to distance their client from those comparisons.

Suicide or spin?

Will keep you posted…