Seriously. Tourism Vancouver should hire Owen Wilson. He loves it here.

Owen Wilson was spotted in town yesterday, bike riding with friends, shopping, making the most of a rain-free Vancouver afternoon. He was also seen shopping on Robson at Lululemon with a woman, and later at night at the Opus. I’m told it was not his baby mother. Not sure if she’s with him while he’s here. He told a bystander that he’s on holiday, loves it on the Canadian West Coast.

How Do You Know, Owen’s last feature, didn’t exactly set the box office on fire. He seemed to have little to do with it publicly though. The face of that film was mostly Reese Witherspoon. As for his next release, Hall Pass, it’s coming up soon on February 25. Owen and Jason Sudeikis play husbands who each get a “free week” from their wives – they can do whatever they want, no consequences. Hilarity is supposed to ensue. The fact that that is Richard Jenkins at the end of the trailer kills me. Think of every other time you’ve seen Richard Jenkins and compare it to this one. Think of him in Eat, Pray, Sh-t. Amazing, right?

Exclusive photos from PUNKD Images