A friend of mine emailed me today with the subject line:

I don’t f-cking get it.

Me neither.

The Oxygen Network has announced that they’ve not only renewed the Tori Spelling reality show for a 6th – 6!!!! – season, they’ve also moved ahead with a second show for the couple called, try to restrain yourself here, sTORIbook Weddings, in which Tori and Kevin Federline Jr “turn the bride-to-be’s dreams for a beautiful event into a reality (and) help the groom-to-be navigate all the twists and turns.”

Like, they’re paying cash money for this sh-t. No Friday Night Lights past 5 but more Tori and KFed Jr for 6 and beyond.

You can hate on Oxygen all you want, but the fact is they’re only providing something that there’s an audience for. Probably a healthy-sized one. Healthy enough to justify spending on a double fist of f-ckery from these two tacky ass twats.

File photos from Wenn.com