Selling to the hoarders

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My friend Laura, the one with the Robert Pattinson problem, she also has a major fixation on hoarders. It’s her favourite episode of Oprah. I’ve never seen it but I feel like I have because Laura tells me about it all the time. She’s obsessed. Indeed it is fascinating how people are addicted to accumulating. I’ve watched a few minutes about it on another programme and it almost gets to be disgusting.

They keep ordering and ordering and ordering…

And now Diddy will keep enabling, and enabling, and enabling.

Have you heard?

Diddy will be selling his sh-t on tv. Home Shopping Network.

That is some shame right there. That is some SHAME.

He’s pimping his fragrances I Am King and Unforgiveable. Yes. Unforgiveable is the name of his cologne. Because it’s a word that “sounds good”, never mind the meaning. Meaning is irrelevant.

Next thing you know someone will be calling their scent the “NecroLux” or some sh-t like that. Because it sounds rich and sexy at the same time. And these fools will be climbing all over themselves to spray the Death Stank all over their bodies before a night out at the club.

Diddy has built his own studio inside his Florida home. This is where he’ll be shooting his 2 hour HSN commercials, watching as the counter goes up, up, up as one loser after another orders more uselessness from the television.

And that’s what Diddy has become. His fanbase orders from the tv.

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