“Big Homie better grow up” is what Beyoncé sings in Sorry on Lemonade. I compared B’s Lemonade to Jennifer Garner’s Vanity Fair last week – click here for a refresher. And, well, like Jay Z, Ben Affleck might be hugging some ankles before the end of the summer too.

As we’ve seen, Ben and Jennifer were in Paris together with their children last week. Apparently they seemed close, even tactile. PEOPLE says he was rubbing her back at one point. And now PEOPLE is coming out with an exclusive today. The headline:

He wants her back.

And on the cover too.

It’s coming from a “source close to Garner”. And it’s PEOPLE, a magazine that isn’t in the business of pissing off celebrities. And there they are telling you that Ben Affleck’s trying to get back together with his wife after allegedly messing with the nanny – and whatever “truths” only he knows about:

"Ben wants Jen back," a source close to Garner tells PEOPLE in this week's issue, with a second source adding, "Ben wants to get back together. He wants her back."

But while the two have yet to file for divorce and have remained friendly, the source close to Garner says they haven't rekindled their romance.

"Jen is not ready to take Ben back," says the source. "Ben has never been good alone and isn't now either. But he is constantly working on himself. He has made big changes."

Of course he’s working on himself. That’s what he does best, Ben Affleck. Work…on HIMSELF. And for him, it would be the first step towards yet another self-engineered fall and eventually rise. He will write and direct and be the greatest Batman. He will win back his wife. He will reclaim his kingdom.

And her?

Well, if she’s getting back together with him she has to lead us there slowly. She has to let us get used to the idea. She has to make sure we know he’s “made big changes”. In other words, she has to sell it to us. PEOPLE Magazine is really good for that. But how do we know this wasn’t in Amazing Amy Garner’s plan all along. And a message to him all along: you see what happens when you f-ck with me? You see what happens when I forgive you?