This is not fair, I know, but we’ll come to that in a minute...

Are you tired of all the new trailers? A new trailer is dropping every day. It’s holiday bombardment and some of you have written to complain about the inundation. Me? I have no trailer fatigue. I LOVE movie trailers. 

Yesterday everyone went bananas over the first proper Pacific Rim trailer. It was trending worldwide on Twitter for hours. All geek factions seem to be united in their enthusiasm about Guillermo del Toro’s first major film release (as a director) in 5 years. Can you blame them? It’s like Alien meets Top Gun, Battleship + Transformers, the ultimate summertime movie experience, right?

For some. For others, especially those who might not be into machinery and computer graphics, there are other selling features.

Like...Charlie Hunnam looks REALLY hot. Charlie Hunnam UN-Jax-Tellered looks really, really hot.

And given the reaction to this so far, Charlie Hunnam just might have a big ass box office smash to add to his resume, along with all the love he gets from Sons Of Anarchy. These were the same hopes Taylor Kitsch had last year, around this time, before the whole world hated John Carter. Kitsch was attached to the wrong project. Hunnam’s choice, so far at least, looks a lot more promising.

Charlie Hunnam, movie star?

Also, Charlie Hunnam co-starring with an Asian female....

That’s probably an even more intriguing selling feature, for me at least.

That not only is a woman given such prime positioning in a mega production like this but that she’s not white. Charlie AND Rinko Kikuchi will save the world. Should I pull out my pompoms? I really want to.

And I will wave them around every time Idris Elba Coach Taylors the troops.

Come on.

Don’t you want to fight some sea monsters now too?