Have I mentioned how obsessed I am with Anne Hathaway’s hair? I have, I know. And it won’t stop.

Here’s Anne, the Catwoman you all insist on hating, at the premiere of The Dark Knight Rises last night in New York. And that is a great dress on her. Not on everyone, but definitely on her. TDKR is a huge movie, of course. But they’re pacing Annie on promotion because for her, there’s something even bigger at stake. After all, you don’t want to saturate the market before her campaign even really begins.

For Les Miserables, obviously.

It’s still 5 months away, sure. But press for the film will likely start at the beginning of November, latest. And what they want is a Best Supporting Actress nomination and, she hopes, an eventual win. It’s important to pace her strategically: she’ll leave an impression on everyone as Selena Kyle, proving she can handle the super hero situation, and then she’ll go away for a while, only to come back as a destitute mother singing of a time when men were kind and hope was high, before life killed her dreams.

Will it work?

A lot of people in the industry, who decide on such matters, like Anne Hathaway. She works hard, she’s never seemingly ungrateful, she is very talented, and she supports the Institution.

Ok fine. This was really just an excuse to post the trailer again. It’s been weeks since last time!

I still cry.