Page Six is reporting that Blake Lively and Leonardo DiCaprio have been hooking up in Cannes, that they were at the Hotel du Cap together on Friday. I've no idea where Blake is. Leo, for sure, was on the Croisette at the Red Granite party for Kanye West's performance on Saturday. On Friday night though, a lot of people saw him at another party at VIP Room.

Blake was in the South of France a few days before Cannes kicked off to attend the Chanel resort show. It was indeed held at the du Cap but she hasn't been seen publicly since. The thing that I find strange about it though is that it's kinda hard to believe, with two red carpets almost every night here in Cannes, that Blake would never have taken the opportunity, say on opening night, to walk the Palais steps, and take some of the spotlight. Like, in a Marchesa, thanks to Harvey Weinstein who was actually here on the weekend. That never happened.

Did she sacrifice a photo opportunity in exchange for some time with Leo D? Sure, it's possible. Very, very possible. The position of Official Girlfriend of Leonardo DiCaprio is now vacant. There is nothing she'd love more than to fill it. Or at least leak through her people that she might be the one who is filling it. She'll learn quickly that that is not Leo's game. Leo operates in stealth mode.

But it's also not totally impossible for Leo have to been meandering around with some other leggy blonde because, well, that's just what he does. And it's not like those are in short supply around here. Seriously there are so many of them in Cannes, at the parties, during the festival it's hard to tell them apart. Will investigate, keep you posted.

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