Catherine Cambridge is pregnant for Prince William again. She was expected to join him for an appearance at Oxford today but is dealing with the same morning sickness situation that she had the first time around with Big G. Which is probably why Kensington Palace made the announcement this morning. Had she not have been committed to an official engagement, they likely would have let them keep the secret a little longer seeing as she's supposedly not past 12 weeks yet and has not required hospitalisation for her illness.

It was exactly two months ago that Jessica Hay, an alleged friend of the Cambridges, confirmed to some janky Australian magazine that Princess Kate was expecting her second. Click here for a refresher. She claimed at the time that the Cambridges would announce in a month. Didn’t happen. Because she was full of sh-t. But she’s lucky with her guesswork this one, non? Somehow it worked out for her and she’ll claim credit while no one will bother to do the math.

So Big G now has someone he can beat up on. Big G is going to be a big brother.