I approve! They make sense to me, you know? When I see Pam with Kid, it’s like everything is right in the world. Now say what you will about her and the tits and the tipping over of the tits and the eyebrows and the tired ass face – say what you will – but Pam hasn’t been a ho for a long, long time. Ever since she had her kids, in fact. And given the abundance of ho-ism in Hollywood, don’t you think she deserves some goodwill for that? Besides, ever since I saw her in the flesh at Fashion Cares last month , I’ve taken a new approach. I know she ain’t the freshest broad on the block these days and I know she looks busted half the time, but there is something about her vibe, you know? It makes you want to smother your face into those jubblies and take a long sweet break from the grind. She’s a little piece of heaven from a little piece of trash. It’s a potent combination. Anyway, here’s Pam looking happy and relaxed in St. Tropez, and take a look at that expression on her face as she’s walking along the beach. Remember gossips. We are pro-love! Photos from Us Weekly