Save it, ok? I know you’re going to cut her, I know you’ll look at these undated photos (considering the hair, they must be pretty recent) and go off about her concrete boob job and the c*cksucking cheekbones and the permapout and the endless CHAV. I know. But what you ridicule is precisely what I love. Some people take their cheese with a little bit o’ Celine Dion, some prefer Pammie Anderson…hell…some of you STILL worship Hoff, even with the over-Hoffage, you can’t get enough. For me… it’s Vicky B. I’m a big, big hardcore fan of the absurdity of her big big hardcore tits. There are few people, you know? Few people with the gumption to go this far, to rock these babies and strut them around and STILL deny they’re fake - emphatically I may add. Not because she’s a compulsive liar but because she’s actually managed to convince herself that what she’s saying is true. Now THAT, my friends, takes a special kind of star…savvy? Photo source